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I spent the last several days working on the email server. I followed one, very complicated, blog post. It took me several hours over the course of a week or so. In the end, I was unable to get it completely set up. In the beginning, the instructions were very clear, but by the time I got to Step 4, I had to “guess” some responses. It may be that the guide was 4 years old, so things don’t quite line up anymore, or it could be that the writer (like the user) was suffering a bit of fatigue by the time Step 4 came around.

But, it’s a Pi, so it’s pretty easy to start over. So, I reformatted the SD card to a fresh install of Rasparian OS and found this link:

I installed the server, MySql (still have no idea what that does), installed phpMyAdmin, installed and configured Iptables (firewall). I have a “live” website hosted on my Raspberry Pi here at my home. I need to purchase another domain name so anyone can access it (I don’t want to move this one as it is WORKING). Right now, if you know the Global IP Address, you can see my page (not much there right now….).

However, with all of the success I have had, I tried to push my luck by installing a Citadel Email Server. I want to set up “” and I really don’t want to pay a hosting service $3 or $5 or more per month just to have my emails, so I am trying to host it on the Pi. I seem to have run into an issue with the Iptables and Citadel or between Nginx (server) and Citadel or……who knows!

So, I have made some progress, but I am still short of my goal. Maybe over the next couple of weeks, I’ll find the answers I need.

Until then….


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